Mischief Maker Cabernet Sauvignon

the story
Have you ever dated brothers? Worn leather pants to a wedding? Paired white wine with red meat? Then you just might be a mischief maker. You keep us up after bedtime on a school night. You change your hair color like most people change their socks. You make lives more complicated, but less boring. You'll be in the stories we tell our grandchildren. You love trouble. And we love you.

what’s in it?
80% Cabernet Sauvignon
20% mixed Red Varieties

how was it made?
Warm ferment at 75F for extraction of color and character.

No oak.

smells like
…plums, berry jam, and dried herbs.

tastes like
…summer berry jam and finishes with a touch of cocoa.

yummy with
Grilled Steak, BLT Sandwich, Roasted Lamb, Mac and Cheese.